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Seek to Shine

SonshineCross painting

Lord God, Father in heaven above, how wonderful the truth that You—Almighty God—listen to me, weak and feeble, rebellious and sinful me; that through the blood of Jesus I can come boldly to your throne knowing that You will hear me. This truth is just so unbelievable to me. That you take time to listen; that I am important to you, I have never known such love. That whenever I need you, you are there; And even when I don’t think I need you, You are there...

always ready to listen; always ready to hear;

always ready to guide me; always ready to be near.

Thank you Abba Father,

for showing your love so.

For giving me, Your daughter,

a love which ever grows.

So let me look upon you,

to rest in Your embrace.

To never from You wander;

to walk within Your grace.

To walk among this world so lost,

a light among the dark;

to be among the flood of sin

an ever saving ark.

That those in darkness see Your love

upon me shining bright.

To bring them from the depths of sin

into Your shining light.

That You may be their Father too

and hold them in Your hand.

That we together in this world

for You may ever stand.

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